Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is a home evaluation from an occupational therapist different from that of other professionals?

An occupational therapist will address not only what is needed for your house but also how you manage the activities you find important and enjoyable while at home. Safety, quality of life and independence as a whole are addressed to help you enjoy living in the place you love most.  As an occupational therapist, I look at not only the physical structure of the home, but how you use the space and how the space affects your independence and safety.                    

Yes. We will consult prior to the initiation of work and during the process as needed to ensure the client's needs are met exactly.

Q: Will you communicate with my contractor?

Q: What is the difference between what you do and what a home health occupational therapist does?

I was a home health occupational therapist for over a decade and many of the interventions I use are grounded in general home health OT, but my specialist qualifications are in home modifications and geriatrics. My services focus on the practical, environmental changes that can help you be more independent and safer in your home.


To receive home health OT you must be referred by your physician for a specific medical condition and must fit strict Medicare criteria for being homebound. Frequently, this occurs after a hospitalization. It is an important part of the recovery process and helps decrease the risk of re-hospitalization. It is a fantastic service if you qualify. However, if you are not having significant, life-altering medical issues that keep you homebound, you will not qualify to have a home health occupational therapist come to your house. I do not require a doctor’s order because I don’t treat specific medical conditions.

Q: What can I expect when you first come to my house?  

I will complete a fall risk assessment using standardized tests to determine your physical risk for falls. I will then walk with you around the house and in each room to assess for environmental safety hazards and areas you have difficulty using. We will discuss your priorities and make a plan to address the issues we have found.

Q: I'm concerned about my mother who lives alone and is recovering from a recent fall. She just finished home health therapy but I'm still worried. I don't live near her and am wondering how well she is really doing. Can I hire you to see her?

Absolutely, as long as your mother agrees to the services and to sharing her information with you. I will provide a written report for you and your mother, as well as keep you informed by telephone of recommendations and progress. 

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