Medicare Part B

HomeSafe for Seniors is an in-home outpatient occupational therapy provider of safety assessments and fall prevention training for seniors with a history of falls who choose to age in their own homes.

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Services can be covered under Medicare Part B if a client has had 2 or more falls in the past year or 1 fall with injuries.

Personalized Interventions to Decrease Fall Risk

  • Indoor and outdoor home assessment for safety hazards and access issues with recommendations to address problem areas.

  • Assessment of how the environment affects the client's ability to complete daily activities safely and independently.

  • Determination of the need for adaptive equipment and home modifications to increase safety and independence.

  • Training in fall risk reduction strategies.

  • Assistance with selecting adaptive equipment and locating reasonably priced items that fit the client's needs.

  • Follow-up training in the use of adaptive products to promote long term success with their use.

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Contact HomeSafe for Seniors at 443-473-2030 or to see if you qualify for services under Medicare Part B.