Each person and every house is different. Home safety is not a one size fits all. To address each client's specific needs

I evaluate and address multiple areas, all for a single fee. 

  • Indoor and outdoor home assessment for safety hazards and access issues.​

  • Assessment of how the environment affects the client's ability to complete daily activities safely and independently.

  • Determination of the need for adaptive equipment and home modifications to increase safety and independence.

  • Training in fall risk reduction strategies.

  • Written report of all assessment findings including recommendations to address each problem area.

  • Assistance with selecting adaptive equipment and locating reasonably priced items that fit the client's needs.

  • Consultation with the home improvement professional to discuss recommendations before work is initiated.

  • Follow-up training in the use of adaptive products to promote long term success with their use.

The market is growing all the time with a bewildering array of products. Very few pieces of adaptive equipment are reimbursable by Medicare or private insurance.

I narrow down the choices and help my clients find reasonably priced items for their specific needs. Creatively selected equipment can make daily tasks easier as well as safer. I also provide training in the correct use of these items.

In addition, I assist with locating reasonably priced, honest, licensed contractors and vendors to resolve structural modification needs (installation of grab bars, cabinet modifications, stair-glides, ramps, etc.).

Once a contractor is selected by the client, I will contact him or her prior to the installation to discuss recommendations according to the client's specific, individualized needs. I will be available as needed throughout the rest of the process to ensure the client's needs are met.

All interventions are included in one price and are dedicated to facilitating independence and happiness in one's own home while reducing the risk of needless injuries that can cause dependence on caregivers

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